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Best Dog Proof Litter Box And Other Helpful Tips

Dog Proof Litter Box -Photo by eviltomthai on FlickrIs it possible to have a dog proof litter box? Of course it is and with a little internet searching you can find all kinds of ways that people have used to keep there dogs from raiding the cat box for a tasty treat, at least in their eyes. But fortunately for you that isn’t going to be necessary because we have done all the research for you. Hopefully by the end of this page you will have found an easy convenient way to curb your dog’s nasty little habit.

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Why Eating from the Litter Box is Unhealthy for Your Dog

Things to Try Before Buying a New Litter Box

The Best Dog Proof Litter Boxes

Or You Can Make Your Own

Why Eating from the Litter Box is Unhealthy for Your DogGrannick's Bitter Apple for Dogs Spray

There are many theories on why dogs use the little box as a snack bar. Some say it’s because of something missing from the dog’s diet and the high protein content of the cat feces others say it’s because they just like it. But no matter the reason I think we can all agree that it is a messy nasty habit. And in case you didn’t know can be potentially dangerous for your dog. For example if the cat that your dog is eating after has any viral diseases or infestations like worms they can become infected as well. Another problem could be the cat litter itself. Most litter is designed to clump when it gets wet which makes it easier to clean but unfortunately can cause internal damage to your dog’s intestines or stomach. You can buy a product like Grannick’s Bitter Apple® spray (pictured to the right) which helps deter dogs from the litter box but unfortunately it is common for it to have the same effect on cats.

Things to Try Before Buying a New Litter Box (Works for Feeding Areas Too!)

ICarlson 0930PW Extra-Wide Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Doorf you would really prefer not to buy a new dog proof litter box then you basically have one option and that is to put the litter box in a dog proofed area of your house. Here are several ways of going about dog proofing a spot. By the way these suggestions could help with providing your cat with a safe feeding area as well.

  • Putting a baby gate in the doorway of a bathroom, closet or other chosen location. The gate will need to be high enough for the cat to go under but low enough to keep the dog out or need to be like the one pictured here with a built in pet door (click picture for more info). Of course this would only work if your dog is much bigger than your cat.
  • Keep the litter tray on an elevated surface whether it is a counter, a table or shelf as long as it’s high enough that the dog can’t reach.
  • Some people have luck with just keeping the litter box clean. Basically remove the waste as soon as the cat is finished doing its duty.
  • If you are a DIY’er or don’t mind spending a little money you can have someone cut a small hole in the door to the room your cat pan is in. Sort of like a doggie door for the cat, just make sure it’s small enough that the dog can’t fit.
  • Another option is to mount a small hook attached to a bit of chain to the door your cat box is in. Then an eye bolt to the door frame the gap just big enough for the cat.

The Best Dog Proof Litter Boxes

Now if you have tried unsuccessfully at making a designated kitty area or just don’t like the idea of altering your home then your last option is to buy a litterbox that your dog can’t get into. These boxes are usually designed on of two ways. Both are enclosed boxes with a hole cut in the side or the top for the cat to enter and the litter box is placed inside. But the designer box enclosures have a separator wall on the inside kind of like a maze and the other style does not. Both types work very well but if you have a particularly aggressive dog then the maze style is recommended. So even if the dog can get its head inside the hole it still can’t get to the litter. Another benefit of the box enclosure type is that they look more like a cabinet or nice piece of furniture rather than a place for the cat to go potty. As far as picking a top or side opening it is really determined by the dog you have. If you have a medium to large dog the side entrance should work fine but if you have a small breed of dog you will probably want a top entrance box. One thing that should be pointed out though is that some cats that are used to going in a side entrance might be stubborn about using the top entrance. Here are a few examples of both types of boxes.

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      Litter Box Furniture

Dog Proof Litter Furniture

     Top Entry Litter boxes

Top Entry Litter Box

Or You Can Make Your Own

If you are good at wood working you may be able to make your own wooden dog proof litter box like the ones shown above. Or even if you’re not so handy some people make one with a big Rubbermaid tote and use a utility knife to cut a hole in the top or the side of the tote. This works very well but can be very light weight and knocked over by larger dogs. (Return to the Top)


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