Puppy Chewing LeashIf you really want a chew proof dog leash something made of metal is really your only option. Nylon leashes just don’t take much abuse and chewing before they start fraying eventually leading to a broken leash and a loose dog. Although running through your neighbor’s yard may be the ice breaker you have been looking for to introduce yourself, I would say there are few that enjoy chasing their dog through their subdivision.  The same goes for leather leashes, they can and will eventually break but with metal all these problems go away.

Below are two of the most popular types of chew proof leashes available. You can choose from a vinyl coated leash, this has a little more of a delicate look and can be light weight for smaller breeds. The other option you have is to go with a metal leash, these will be far more durable and give a more masculine look for bigger breeds. These are great for chewers and pullers because they are so sturdy. There are a few examples below of each type, choose the one that will best suit your needs.

Types Of Chew Proof Dog Leash

First we will start with vinyl coated steel cable leashes. These are probably the most preferred type for most people for many reasons. Watch the video below for all the benefits of these great leashes.

VirChewLy Indestructible Leash for Dogs

Chew Proof Dog LeashChew Proof

Break Proof (A 900lb Breaking Limit)

Light Weight and Flexible

Tangle Proof

Keeps Your Dog Safe and Securely Tied


Classic Chain Dog Leashes

The second type of chew proof dog leash are classic chain dog leashes. These are also great leashes but they do have a few negatives. For example they can be heavier and noisier than the cable style of leash as well as possible hurt you as the links tend to pinch and pull when in contact with skin. The coolness factor is hard to beat though. Here are a few good examples.

Coastal Pet Titan Metal Extra Heavy Chain Dog Leash


Heavy Duty Chain Dog LeashChew Proof

Keeps Your Dog Safe and Securely Tied


Pink Steel Chain Dog Leash

Pink Steel Chain Dog LeashAlso Comes in Blue, Lime Green, Purple, Silver and Red

Available in 3mm and 4mm chain

If you are having issues with a dog that likes to chew you might also enjoy our article on the best chew proof dog beds.