Cat EatingI’m assuming the thought “ I just need a dog proof cat feeder ” is what landed you on this page.

Or maybe a friend or significant other suggested it.

Possibly out of frustration that the dog was caught feasting at the cats bowl for the umpteenth time this week.

Either way you’re not alone!

Thousands of pet lovers struggle with creating a harmonious environment for felines and canines to co-exist in the same home. And the food situation is usually right there at the top of the list of problems.


Because let’s face it, dogs want their food plus everyone else’s too!

So would you like to solve the problem of keeping the dog out of the cat food forever?

Of course you would…stupid question right?

Best Pup Proof Kitty Feeder Options


Option #1: Feeders that are designed to keep the kitties food safe from rover. Here are some examples.


Cedar Dog Safe Cat Feeder

cedar cat feederCan be used Indoors or Outdoors

Feeding Bowls are Hidden up inside

Comfy Cat Bed in the Bottom

Cedar Construction



FeedSafeTrade- Feeding Station

dog proof cat feederAdjustable sliding door locks into position, allows smaller pets in while keeping larger pets out

Convenient removable and stowable lid allows easy access to the included stainless steel food and water bowls

Durable hard plastic makes cleaning a breeze while keeping food and water spills off your floors

Alternate exit lifts for quick alternative egress if entrance blocked or closed for secure feeding

Made in the USA


SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

Dog proof cat feeder

4.5 Stars on Amazon With Almost 400 Reviews

 Designed specifically for multi pet homes.

Compatible with all worldwide implanted identification microchips.

Great for pets that are on a diet.

Works for wet and dry food and will hold two pouches of wet food.

The sealed bowl keeps food fresher for longer and even prevents flies from getting to the food.

Here is a video to show you how it works.



Option #2: Keeping the cats food in a room that the dog can’t get too.

How? By using one of these!

Walk Through Gate with Pet Door

Walk Through Gate With Pet Door

Easy to operate handle (see video below).

Easy to setup.

The small pet door is 10 inches by 7 inches to let cats or smaller pets pass, while keeping bigger pets out.

All-steel construction is sturdy, durable, lead-free, non-toxic and chew-proof.

Or the

Door Buddy Adjustable Door Strap

Door Buddy Adjustable Door Strap

Now if you don’t want to have a permanent gate set up in your house or a strap on your door I completely understand so that leads us to….

Option #3: Get the cat food up high out of the dogs reach!

Again, how you ask? Simple there are a few ways. One is you could get a tall cat tree that has a flat top to put the food on.

Trixie Pet Products Malaga Cat Playground

Trixie Pet Products Malaga Cat Playground

Or something similar. Or you could get a wall mounted feeder shelf like this.

Wall Mounted Cat Dining Shelf

Wall Mounted Cat Dining Shelf

Or use a cat perch like the one below to but bowls on.

Cat Perch

Cat Perch

Option #4: Build your own feeder out of a tote!

For the do-it-yourselfers or frugal types there are other options. There are several handy designs for enclosed cat feeders that have been created from something simple such as a plastic storage tote. This project will prove both effective and also cost efficient as you will only incur the cost of the tote (click here) and a box cutter or sharp shears (click here).


homemade cat feeder


Or if non of these look like something you would be interested in take a look at this article on giving your cat a little peace while eating!