If you are like most dog owners, you not only love dogs but all animals. If you love your pets you are going to try and create a harmonious environment for them to co-exist in. Of course this is easier said than done. If your dog is like mine then you will run into one big problem, he/she will want to eat anyone’s food but their own. I guess they suffer from the same things we do, the grass is always greener as they say. One of the biggest challenges for owners who have both types of animal will be that the dog will always be into the cat’s food. There are multiple ways to surmount this obstacle, either to make or purchase a dog proof cat feeder.Cat Eating

For those wanting to take the easy way out you can always purchase a dog proof cat feeder. Most of these are very aesthetically pleasing and some also have an area for your cat to lie in and seek some quiet time. The most important thing to remember is to check reviews, some of the dog proof cat feeders are wobbly and unstable, and this could be dangerous for your furry friend. The best advice is going to come from someone who has already been down the road so to speak.

Best Options For A Dog Proof Cat Feeder


Cedar Dog Safe Cat Feeder

cedar cat feederCan be used Indoors or Outdoors

Feeding Bowls are Hidden up inside

Comfy Cat Bed in the Bottom

Cedar Construction



FeedSafeTrade- Feeding Station

dog proof cat feederAdjustable sliding door locks into position, allows smaller pets in while keeping larger pets out

Convenient removable and stowable lid allows easy access to the included stainless steel food and water bowls

Durable hard plastic makes cleaning a breeze while keeping food and water spills off your floors

Alternate exit lifts for quick alternative egress if entrance blocked or closed for secure feeding

Made in the USA


For the do-it-yourselfers or frugal types there are other options. There are several handy designs for dog proof cat feeders that have been created from something simple such as a plastic storage tote. This project will prove both effective and also cost efficient as you will only incur the cost of the tote (click here) and a box cutter or sharp shears (click here).


homemade cat feeder


Or if this doesn’t look like something you would be interested in take a look at this section of our dog proof litter box article on giving your cat a little peace while eating!