One of the hardest things to teach a new puppy is to walk alongside you without tugging, pulling, and stopping every .05 seconds, and frequent stops to bark at their own shadows. No one has ever returned from that type of walk or jog thinking that was just the relaxing stroll I needed to chill out and clear my head after a long day of work. Nope, you come back from that type of walk with beads of sweat on your forehead, a whole other list of four letters words and you’re exhausted.  My suggestion is get an escape proof dog harness stat!! It will help gain better control of your pooch and keep them walking at your pace. Show your dog who’s boss.

Martingale Or Limited Slip Collar

Ever think you should have named your dog Houdini? Let’s face it some dogs are just plain sneaky with the ability to escape from anything. Luckily an escape proof dog harness is the fix for those little devils. One of the best types of harnesses you can use on your dog is what is called a Martingale style. This type of collar/harness is using very tight fitting making it very difficult if not impossible for your dog to remove. Also this style harness is used for teaching your dog not to pull. A better trained dog will lead to more enjoyment in all the activities with your pet.

Unlike normal collars a Martingale or “limited slip” like the one pictured below has an extra loop that tightens when the leash is pulled by either you or the dog. As this tightens it puts equal pressure all the way around the dogs neck instead of right on the throat like a normal collar. This makes it safer for the dog and just as important keeps it from slipping over there head. Take a second to watch the video for a better explanation.

Limited Slip Dog Collar

No Slip Dog Collar

Escape Proof Dog Harness

If your hard set on a harness I completely understand, for the most part they are the best escape proof option. Here are a few of the better options.

No Pull Martingale Harness

Canine Equipment No Pull HarnessGreat for dogs that like to pull

Recommended by trainers and vets

Easy to put on/off

Made from 1050D Ballistic nylon with plush inner lining

Comes is multiple sizes



Premier Easy Walk Harness

Escape Proof Dog HarnessComes in multiple sizes

Multiple adjusts

Recommended by trainers and vets

Quick snap for easy on/off



SPORT MODE Dog Harness

Sport HarnessAll Weather

Padded for the comfort of your pet

3M Reflective for safety

Easy leash hookup

5 star review rating

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