One of the best things for your dog is exercise. It can be difficult to keep your dog’s attention but it is beneficial to use a frisbee, so go ahead a make it the best dog frisbee around. It has been statistically proven that out of the 77 million dogs in our country a shocking almost 7 million are considered clinically obese. Do your dog a favor and back off the food bowl and get outside with the best dog frisbee. Exercise not only will help burn off excess energy but also builds strong muscles and helps keep your dog fit. Puppies can be quite the nuisance when they don’t have enough play time. The whining and pacing can be quite bothersome. The cure? A little bit of backyard action with a frisbee. If you love your dog then you’ll only settle for the best dog frisbee on the market.

This “IS” The Best Dog Frisbee

So you want to know what the best dog frisbee is? Well, it’s the same frisbee used in the Dog Disc World Championship, the same one used by every professional dog disc team and the one that is the best flying puncture resistant frisbee made. This is the best dog frisbee because it has been designed and tested by professionals. It is built to withstand even the sharpest puppy teeth. This frisbee will not only “go the distance” as far as the toss but also will hold up throw after throw. So what is the name of this frisbee?

The Hyperflite -Jawz Disc

Best Dog Frisbee


  • World’s Toughest Dog Competition Disc
  • Puncture Resistant
  • Designed For Super Long Flights
  • Comes in Black, Blue, Red, Lemon Lime and even Glow In The Dark



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