Puppy Chewing LeashIf you really want a chew proof dog leash something made of metal is really your only option. Nylon leashes just don’t take much abuse and chewing before they start fraying eventually leading to a broken leash and a loose dog. Although running through your neighbor’s yard may be the ice breaker you have been looking for to introduce yourself, I would say there are few that enjoy chasing their dog through their subdivision. The same goes for leather leashes, they can and will eventually break but with metal all these problems go away.

Below are two of the most popular types of chew proof leashes available. You can choose from a vinyl coated leash, this has a little more of a delicate look and can be light weight for smaller breeds. The other option you have is to go with a metal leash, these will be far more durable and give a more masculine look for bigger breeds. These are great for chewers and pullers because they are so sturdy. There are a few examples below of each type, choose the one that will best suit your needs.

Top 5 Chew-Proof Dog Leashes To Consider

These days it seems every dog leash is marketed as exceptionally durable or chew-proof. Some live up to this claim and others fall flat on the promise. We’ve compared five of the best dog leash models in the market to find the one that aptly suits a dog owner’s needs (as claimed).

First we will start with vinyl coated steel cable leashes. These are probably the most preferred type for most people for many reasons. Watch the video below for all the benefits of these great leashes.

1. Virchewly Indestructible Leash for Dogs

If your pup can’t kick the gnawing or chewing habit, Virchewly indestructible leash for dogs will prove indestructible for it. It is metal-coated, light, and can withstand 900 lbs of weight.
If your anxiety – when walking your dog – stems from the leash breaking or the dog deciding on a game of tug of war, the vinyl coated steel cable feature on this leash will come in handy. As it does not break even when chewed or gnawed.
The leash also doubles up as a tie-out. That means the handle is detachable. It can come off so you can use it as a rope to anchor your pup. And since the leash is break-proof, rust-resistant as well as odor-resistant, your pup can’t bite through it nor can it escape your control.
The Virchewly indestructible leash for dogs is lightweight, flexible and incredibly strong. So let your dog chew and pull on it, nothing will happen – unless your dog weighs over 900 lbs.

Vinyl Coated Steel Cable Leash


  • Chew Proof
  • Break Proof (A 900lb Breaking Limit)
  • Light Weight and Flexible
  • Tangle Proof
  • Keeps Your Dog Safe and Securely Tied

PROS: The Virchewly indestructible leash for dogs is lightweight, flexible and incredibly strong

CONS: The vinyl coating on the handle frays out over time after months of being chewed on.

2. Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Dog Leash

If your dog is a strong chewer or puller, you may want to try your hands on a Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Leash. You see, it is flexible, super lightweight, and designed with all dog sizes in mind.
Prominent features: At the onset, you’ll notice a padded handle feature, which provides a comfortable feel on your hands. Also, it has extra strength that helps keep the dog close to you during a long walk.
But particularly prominent on the Mighty Paw Chew Proof Dog Leash is the aviation aluminum carabiner feature, designed to hold extra force tension exerted by dog’s weight. This clip can withstand up to 850 lbs in pull force. You’re certain the leash can’t break or slip off your hands. That’s fantastic, right?
So, if you want your dog safely out of the way when you’re cleaning or busy in the yard, just know that the leash promises extreme strength that’ll keep the dog in place. Thanks to a 2.34 stainless steel braided wire cable that’s fashioned out of 5 bundles of 7 wires.

Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Dog Leash


  • Chew Proof And Durable
  • Dual Function As A Tie Out
  • Comfortable To Use
  • Light Weight

PROS: Made with a steel braided cable, so even heavy chewers and teething puppies can’t break through.

CONS: Hard to grip the cable if you need to hold the leash closer to the dog.

3. BAAPET 5ft Chew Proof Dog Leash

If safety is your number one priority – and on top of your pile, you may want to consider BAAPET 5ft Proof Dog Leas. See, it boasts a heavy duty rock climbing rope and comes with a padded comfortable handle. On the other hand, it is reflective at night.
Prominent features: During long walks, you want to tag on your dog with a leash that’s comfortable and padded on its handle. This leash comes with a similar handle – alluringly soft and padded for amazing comfort keeping you safe from rope burns.
Also, the leash features a heavy-duty ½ inch diameter rock climbing rope and clip, for ease of use and safety for you and your dog. The rope is made out of a strong material that screams durable from a distance – the same goes for the clip.
But perhaps prominent on the BAAPET 5ft Chew Proof Leash is the reflective and brightly colored threads on the rope. If you’re fond of taking late-evening walks with your dog, the leash will keep you safe as it reflects at night keeping you both visible and safe.

BAAPET 5ft Chew Proof Dog Leash


  • Durable & Chew Resistant
  • Water Proof
  • Lightweight & Easy Maintenance
  • Padded Handle
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee

PROS: Made of multi-strand heavy duty stainless steel rope, super stronge and anti bite.

CONS: Like any cable leash it can be very uncomfortable in the hand.

The second type of chew proof dog leash are classic chain dog leashes. These are also great leashes but they do have a few negatives. For example they can be heavier and noisier than the cable style of leash as well as possible hurt you as the links tend to pinch and pull when in contact with skin. The coolness factor is hard to beat though. Here are a few good examples.

4. Coastal Pet Titan Metal Extra Heavy Chain Dog Leash

If your dog is playful, you’ll have an easy time when it’s leashed on a Coastal Pet Titan Metal Extra Heavy Chain Leash. Why? Simple, it is durable, sturdy, and dogs can’t chew or gnaw it in half.
Prominent features: This leash boasts a strong, quality chain with a nylon web around it. So it’s easy to restrain the dog while walking. Or on those moments it spots other playful dogs.
Thanks to an argon welded and chrome-plated feature, it feels comfortable on the hands, too. The feature gives this chain leash a longer lifespan and extra improved strength.
If your dog likes to pull or it’s naturally playful, you’re certain it won’t break away or escape your control. It’s also an ideal chain leash for a small pup.

Heavy Duty Chain Dog Leash


  • Chew Proof
  • Welded Chain
  • Chrome Plated
  • Will Not Tarnish, Rust Or Break

PROS: Chew proof welded metal chain

CONS: It does have a nylon strap but typically that isn’t where a dog would be chewing a leash.

5. Leashboss Chain Dog Leash with Padded Handle

If you’re looking for a perfect leash that makes for better walks, Leashboss Chain Dog Leash with Padded Handle. What’s more? Handle is exactly what the doctor ordered. It’s comfortable on the hand, durable, and with perfect length and quality.
Prominent features: The handle, made out of soft neoprene material, perfectly fits your hand and helps keep control of the strongest of pulling dogs. That is why; you don’t have to strain to maintain steadiness with a large dog when on this leash. You definitely like that, right?
You’ll also notice the durable nylon webbing thread material on the LeashBoss Chain Dog Leash. It’s stitched with poly-bonded nylon thread that helps withstand strong pullers.
For long walks and veterinary visits, the length of this leash makes it easy to handle the dog. You can choose either 12, 18, or 24 inches depending on the size and height of your dog.

Leashboss Chain Dog Leash with Padded Handle


  • Comfortable Padded Handle
  • 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Heavy Chain For large Dogs
  • No More Tug Of War

PROS: Chain Leashes are often recommended for dogs that like to play tug of war with their leash.

CONS: The 5 foot length may be a little long if you need to tighten up the reins. Can be hard on the hands.

What Makes A Leash Chew Proof?

Now, picking out a quality leash is both easy and difficult. So, you need to consider a few features on different leash models in the market, though – to get everything right and to your standard.

One of the key things to look out for includes materials used to make the leash, clips on the leash, and security features to keep you and the dog safe.
But are these enough features to make a leash chew-resistant? Yet some of the prominent websites in the market recommend looking out for them first.
Well, they say you need to look out for a dog leash that’s made out of nylon or leather materials. That way, it will prevent your leash from being chewed on.

You see, our chew-proof recommendations are exactly that, chew proof. Why? They incorporate functionality and ease-of-use, and materials such as steel (which is more durable and of high quality). Not only that, but the durability of a leash made of flexible steel wire material, for instance, can improve not only the longevity of a leash, but also its chances of being chewed on.

Also, by using a leash with durable hardware such as straps can help a great deal on making it chew-proof. While there aren’t any quick leash-chewing or biting or even tugging behaviors, the above recommendations are as close as you can get to find a viable, affordable and functional solution.

For long walks and veterinary visits, the length of this leash makes it easy to handle the dog. You can choose either 12, 18, or 24 inches depending on the size and height of your dog.

How to Make Any Leash Chew Proof

Obviously, most pet owners want to enjoy the freedom of a chew-resistant leash-you must be one of them! I mean; a leash that never experiences webbing or frays out on the handle when chewed on. A handful of those exists in the market if reviews are anything to go by.
Pups will chew once or twice on the leash, and that marks the end of it – to the eternal regret of the dog owner who probably spent more to buy the leash. Worst still is that most dog leashes, if not all, are made out of poor materials that leave pet owners grieving the loss.
But this shouldn’t happen to you as there are ways to make any leash chew proof. Yes, you heard that right. It’s possible to make a leash chew proof and indestructible.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Employ a chew-proof dog leash extension. If your dog tags on the leash too hard or pulls on it, or even tries to chew it – a leash extension is deployed that acts as a brake strong enough to keep the dog less focused on the leash.

A good example is the chew-proof retractable dog leash. One good thing is that, it is easy to use as it features a one-handed braking system. As a result, you don’t have to worry about your dog gnawing or chewing it. On the other hand, it is easy-to-use, and it doesn’t break easily.
More so, it works well with dogs of up 110lbs.
Another example is a chew proof dog leash for small dogs. Do you have a persistent leash chewer? Then, a dog leash extension would work well for your pup. Why? Most of them are fitted with a heavy-duty clip that allows for the easy restraining of the dog.