When we recently added our little bundle of fur to our home, initially we were all “this is so cute” and “awwww….” but that soon became “Stop!” and “No!No!” Dog chewing problems is probably one of my least favorite things about owning a new dog. I find myself chasing the puppy around the house to retrieve items such as: my favorite shoes, my kids pajamas, bath towels, kitchen rugs, kitchen towels, the list could go on for days. Even the back of our couch has become a casualty to the new puppy. This has made me go in search of anything that will hold her attention and that I approve of her to chew on. I found that many of the chew toys made for dogs were hardly the cure for what ailed me.

Many of the ones I had tried at first proved to be no match for her sharp little puppy teeth. Constantly having to buy replacements for chewed up dog accessories is not only aggravating but costly as well.  I felt like I needed to take out a small loan just to keep her in toys. I felt like life had become a constant battle and what I thought would bring my family great joy only made our lives difficult. Even mundane tasks such as cooking supper, doing the dishes or laundry and even just having a game night with the kids became nearly impossible. We couldn’t sit down and do anything because the dog was wanting to run off with and chew on the games pieces or the children themselves. Our puppy found my youngest child to be quite tasty and if I hadn’t been able to get the dog chewing problems under control I believe he would still be scared of her to this day. It became an necessity that we get find chew proof items. Since we have life has become a whole lot easier. Below you will find links to many different problem areas.

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Dog Chewing Problems


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Chew Proof Dog Beds


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