Dog Proof BlindsOk, so depending on what exactly you think of when you think dog proof blinds finding the perfect blinds and window treatments can be a trial and error situation which I’m sure many have already found out. Some pet owners might get lucky with their very first try at a style of blinds while others may never find the perfect blinds especially if they are looking for something truly 100% destroy proof. With all this being said there are few types of blinds and window treatments that many pup owner have had success with hopefully one of these will work for you.

Dog Proof Window Blinds And Other Ideas

To be completely clear dog proof might be a little misleading, resistant or dog friendly might be more appropriate words to use. Now in no particular order here are some examples of blinds and window treatment that other people have had success with that you may want to consider.

Vertical Blinds – This type of blinds come in a variety of materials and sizes. And the length can be cut to fit just about any size window or even sliding glass doors. What makes these a good option for Rover or pets in general is that they can easily stick their head through the blinds and when they step back out of the away the blinds just fall back into place. Also there is nothing for them to get hung up in unlike the typical mini-blinds that are held together by strings. It is recommended that you look for a style that is made from hard plastic (PVC) as this is a very durable material and can easily be wiped off, cleaned and you can even replace one section of the blind at a time if damage was to ever occur.

Top Down Bottom Up Cordless Shades – This type of blind might not be as durable as the vertical blinds but they do have their advantages. For one you can pull the blind closed on the bottom for privacy but lower the top of the blind down to let light in, kind of the best of both worlds. Also because of how easy these blinds raise up many dogs learn to use their nose to push the blind up so that they can see outside. Now this doesn’t do much for privacy but at least your shades aren’t torn up.

If you have never seen top down bottom up shades here is a short video that shows you exactly how they work and how easy they are to use.

How do Top Down-Bottom Up Blinds Work? from BlindsOnLine on Vimeo.

Pull Down Roller Shades – Chances are if you know anything about blinds and window treatments you have seen the old style pull down shades. You know the kind that you pull down slightly to undo the locking mechanism and then they roll back up. Or if you let go too fast they rocket to the top of the window. Now this style of blind might be a little old fashioned but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their benefits. One being that your pooch can slide its nose behind the blind then when they walk away the blind falls back into place.

Another is that the material of the shade can be easily replaced or even improved. Some people do all kinds of creative things to their roller shades for example some people paint pictures on them. One more benefit to roller shades is that they don’t collect dust and pet hair as bad as other types of shades that have multiple surfaces so they are easier to keep clean. This is one of the better options.

Achim Home Furnishings Madera Falsa 2-Inch Faux Wood Blind

Wood or Faux Wood Blinds – This type of blind is worth a try but one tip is to go with wider slats, 2″ or wider, the reason for this is when the blinds are open the wider the slats the wider the space between the slats. This wider area will allow your pooch to poke its head through without bending, breaking or destroying the blind.

Windows With Between the Glass Blinds – I really felt like I needed to mention this just for completeness even though most people are not going to go to this extreme but if you do need new windows in your house it is definitely an option.

Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass Spray

Other Helpful Ideas

Spray-On Frosted GlassA lot cheaper than replacing your windows or even your blinds. Spray on frosted glass is super easy to apply and can be removed quickly with a razor blade. Which brings me to the one down side to this product and that is it will scratch easy so if your four legged friend has a habit of scratching on things these might not be your best bet.

Indoor Shutters – Now if you’re looking for something extremely durable the indoor window shutter might be what you’re answer. Usually made of wood about the only thing that can happen to this type of window cover is that it might get scratched up if your pup is really wanting to look out the window. Other than that most times shutters fit inside the window frame and can even be locked so chances are they will not be able to chew on them or even open them.

One other option you have is to try and train him/her not to jump on or even touch the windows. One way of doing this is by having someone that the dog doesn’t know walk past while you’re inside. Show the pup what you are wanting and when it does good give them a treat. This approach might be a little time consuming but it eliminates the the need for special window treatments and in the end will keep you happy and your dog out of trouble. Or you could not worry about any of the above and just leave the blinds up high enough that the dogs and other pets can reach them. In the end it’s your call.

I hope these ideas have helped and if you have any other tips or ideas that I didn’t mention please leave it in the comments section. But if you just didn’t see what you was looking for take a look at this product. Though the article isn’t directed specifically towards blinds it can be used in many situations.