Contrary to what cartoons might make us think dogs and cats can live in the same home together peacefully but this doesn’t mean that there can’t be problem areas. If you have children in your household it just a matter of time before they want a puppy, or a kitty, or both! We always try to keep our kiddos happy so you’ll probably go our and get one, or the other, or both. When that happens you’re going to need some dog proof cat products. We’re here to help.cane-gatto-bimba

In order to achieve harmony in your household you must invest in a few dog proof cat products. It is fairly safe to assume that the dog will be the instigator in most of the mischief as cat are usually known for keeping to themselves. It is not a very successful relationship if your spend the majority of your time yelling at the dog for bothering the cats food or better yet having a “snack” from the litter box. Even though I’m sure that the highlight of any visit to your home could very well be watching the dog dig in the litter box, it may be one of many dog proof cat products to invest in.

Here are just a handfuls of items to consider in your quest for peaceful pet ownership. We have addressed both the litter box and cat food dishes. Although it has been my experience that the dog always wants to eat the cat’s food and vice versa. You can even try “fooling” the animals but some how it seems they always know better.

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