For those of us that consider our pets a member of the family they go everywhere with us. However, sometimes it is necessary to kennel them. Occasionally in these instances with some dogs an escape proof dog crate becomes a necessity. While some critics would say that the method of crate training your dog is “mean” or some even think “inhumane” I would say I would disagree. I have used an escape proof dog crate with both of my dogs and neither seem to mind. In fact my older dog uses it as her safe place for when the younger dog or my children get to rowdy. We must remember that dogs are den animals by nature, they need their own space where they can get away.

The use of an escape proof dog crate also proves helpful when potty training. Dogs will rarely use the restroom where they sleep so when using a crate or kennel it helps them learn to control their bladder. That being said please make note that puppies and small dogs have smaller bladders and need to be let out frequently.

Escape proof dog crates are also beneficial in keeping your house in tact. Sometimes when their owner has to leave  for work or some other obligation dogs and especially new puppies will take out their frustrations on the furniture, clothing, shoes, and pretty much anything else they can get there paws on. My oldest dog licked the paint of the dry wall in my new home when we first got her, that aided in my decision for an escape proof dog crate. No, it was not lead based and she is currently working on her fifteenth year of life.

Escape Proof Dog Crate – Compare Your Options


BestPet® Heavy Duty Dog Crate On Wheels

Escape Proof Dog CrateEasy to Assemble

3/4″  20-Gauge Steel Frame and Reinforced by 1/2″ Diameter Steel Tubes

Comes in Different Sizes

Easy to Move

Great for Strong Hard Chewing Escape Artists like Pit Bulls and Bull Mastiffs

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ProSelect Empire Dog Cages – Small 37″L x 25″W x 333/4″H

dog crate oneOutside dimensions: 42 1/4″L x 30 3/4″W x 41 1/4″H

Inside dimensions: 40 3/4″L x 28 1/8″W x 31 3/4″H

Locking casters are removable, they are 4 inches high

Includes a floor grate & Steel tray

Easy to move where needed


New Age Pet Habitat ‘n Home InnPlace Pet Crate with Metal Spindles

dog crate two For pets up to 80 pounds

Available in two colors and four sizes of each color

Easy 10 minute, no-tool assembly

Comes with a ten (10) year manufacturer warranty

A more stylish option



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