One of the biggest problems with young puppies, or dogs in general, is how to keep them from pulling or backing out of their collar or harness, in other words finding a no pull escape proof dog harness.

Sure that’s a mouth full but as you probably already know no one has ever returned from that type of walk or jog thinking that was just the relaxing stroll I needed to chill out and clear my head after a long day of work.

Nope, you come back from that type of walk with beads of sweat on your forehead, a whole list of four letters words you didn’t even know you knew and you’re exhausted. For me it’s right up there with when I realized I needed a dog proof trash can.

You may have even considered changing your dog’s name to Houdini? Let’s face it some dogs are just plain sneaky with the ability to escape from anything. Luckily an inescapable dog harness is the fix for those escape artists.

Dog Harness Buyers Guide

People always want to know what the best is no matter what product it is they are talking about. Harnesses are no different. That’s why some of the most common questions about the subject are: What dog harness is best? What dog harness is best to stop pulling? What is the best dog harness for hiking? Hope we answer those question below satisfactorily.

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No-Pull Harness

XS, S, M, L, XL
Harness Lead
Escape Resistant
S, M, L But Adjusts
For Perfect Fit
Ruffwear -
Web Master
XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL
All Day
XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL
Step In
XS, S, M, L, XL

Dog Harness Reviews

Harness Lead Escape Resistant


At first glance this might not be the type of harness you had pictured in your head but as they say don’t judge a book by its cover. After all with a 4 ½ star Amazon rating with over 600 reviews a lot of dog lovers find the Harness Lead a great option.

The unique design of this harness allows it to be adjusted to any size dog or body type. Though it does come in a couple different sizes to get you close.

And though the official description says escape “resistant”, finding anyone that says their dog escaped from this is nearly impossible. As long as you follow a few guidelines this could be your fix too.

The guidelines include being conscious of any slack between the harness and the dog’s body. And not grabbing the top of the harness or any other area as it can create that space which could lead to an escaped pup.

The Lead Harness is also soft and has no buckles which reduces chafing.

Warning: A few warnings about the harness lead. First it is not chew proof so Do Not use it as a tie out. Second, it is recommended by the manufacturer to only be use as a walking tool and not used for going on runs.

Instructions On How To Put On Lead Harness

Include Video Of Putting On The Lead Harness and Walking a Dog With It.

Ruffwear – Web Master Secure Harness for Dogs


The Web Master Harness has been designed for comfort, control, safety and assistance thanks to several features. Comfort from the foam padded chest and belly straps and five points of adjustment for customizing fit. Control from the two points of leash attachment and the double belly straps. Comes in five sizes starting with XX-small and up to XL.

  • ANATOMICAL DESIGN: The Web Master Harness is a supportive, multi-use harness for dogs built for maneuvering and assisting dogs up and over obstacles. Its anatomical design provides controlled, comfortable and balanced lifting with good load dispersion.
  • SECURE LEASH ATTACHMENT POINTS: The harness provides you with two points of leash attachment: a single-piece, anodized aluminum V-ring on top or the webbing loop at the rear of the padded handle. The reflective trim helps you keep an eye on your dog, even in low-light visibility environments.
  • WEB MASTER SIZING: The Web Master is available in 5 sizes (see images for sizing chart): XX-Small: 13-17 inches (33-43 cm); X-Small: 17-22 inches (43-56 cm); Small: 22-27 inches (56-69 cm); Medium: 27-32 inches (69-81 cm); Large/X-Large: 32-42 inches (81-107 cm). Select the correct size based on your dog’s girth. Girth can be determined by measuring around the widest part of the rib cage. For in between sizes, choose the smaller size.
  • 4 ½ stars with 1,000 plus reviews
  • Even comes with accessories sold separately, Brush guard, cooling panel


Ruffwear – Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness for Dogs

  • PERFECT FOR PULLERS: The Front Range features two leash attachment points: one on the front for more control when your pup’s still training, and one on the back for more relaxed walks.
  • A STRONG CONNECTION: Keep your dog safe with the Front Range Harness. The aluminum attachment rings are reinforced with webbing, providing a safe and durable connection.
  • HASSLE-FREE HARNESS: The Front Range Harness is designed to slip over your dog’s head and secure at the sides, making it easy to gear up and get out there.
  • DESIGNED FOR DOGS: The padded chest and belly panels are comfortable during extended walks, runs, and hikes. The four points of adjustment ensure the perfect fit for your pup.
  • HELPFUL FEATURES: Tuck ID tags into the built-in pocket for collar-free adventures. With reflective trim, you and your dog can stay out longer and explore even more.
  • With reviews like “great investment”, “best on the market”
  • Over 4 ½ stars with over 3,000 reviews

Best Rated Voyager Step-in Harness for Pets with Plush Fleece Lining

  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: Lined with ultra-plush fleece, this dog walking harness is a total treat for your pet. It never strains your dog’s neck like regular dog collars, and can be comfortably worn all day without irritation. The warm fleece also makes it a great cold weather dog harness.
  • SIMPLE TO PUT ON: This step-in dog harness is perfect for pups that hate putting harnesses over their head. Simply get your pet to step into the padded dog harness with its 2 front legs, fasten the strong velcro closure, clasp the buckle, and you’re good to go.
  • GREAT FASHION: Keep your dog looking snazzy with a suede or corduroy finish of the Voyager dog vest harness. Available in a beautiful range of colors, our dog harnesses add to the charm of your pup and are easily washable.
  • SECURELY HOLDS IN PLACE: Fitted with heavy duty metal D-rings to keep the leash securely attached, this step-in harness gives you total confidence when walking your adorable cat or dog. Have a look at our sizing chart to get the right fit and keep your pet perfectly secured on walks.
  • GREAT ATTENTION TO DETAIL: We’ve designed this pet harness with the same skilled workmanship as all other Voyager dog walking accessories. Join thousands of thrilled customers and experience a harness that you and your pooch will absolutely love. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

Harness Size & Fitting Frequently Asked Questions

How are dog harnesses supposed to fit?

How tight should a dog harness fit?

Where should a dog harness sit?

What size dog harness do I need?

How to measure dog harness size?

What dog harness is the most comfortable?                                      


Harness Vs Collars Which Is Best?

Are dog harnesses better than collars? According to this study ( “No significant differences were found between behaviors shown by dogs when walked on either collar or harness.” But some health issues may be caused by collar use especially with excessive tugging and pulling either by the dog or its owner.

Martingale or “limited slip”

Unlike normal collars a Martingale or “limited slip” like the one pictured below has an extra loop that tightens when the leash is pulled by either you or the dog. As this tightens it puts equal pressure all the way around the dogs neck instead of right on the throat like a normal collar. This makes it safer for the dog and just as important keeps it from slipping over there head. Take a second to watch the video for a better explanation.

Limited Slip Dog Collar

No Slip Dog Collar

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