Keep the dog off the couch permanently?Keep Dog Off Couch


Yes! Absolutely!

Not only off the furniture but you can keep your beloved pet out of a certain room or away from a particular area of your home.

And all without those hideous “baby” gates!

How you ask?

With PetSafe’s Indoor Radio Fence!

It’s pretty amazing really.

PetSafe’s Indoor Radio Fence does all that and more.

How Does the PetSafe Keep Pooches Off Furniture?

In short by projecting an invisible barrier to keep dogs and cats awayPetSafe's Indoor Radio Fence from off-limits spaces in your house.

Designed to be easy to set up and operate, PetSafe’s Indoor Radio Fence keeps your pet out of off-limits rooms and off of forbidden furniture through a combination of noise signals and gentle stimulation.

The system’s receiver collar will first beep and emit static as your pet enters an unwanted area; if your pet lingers where he shouldn’t, the collar will provide a stimulation to further encourage him to leave the forbidden area.

The transmitter projects an electronic barrier that covers an area up to 10 feet in radius. If you need to protect a larger area, additional transmitters can be used and linked together.

PetSafe’s Indoor Radio Fence is designed to work with almost any existing In-Ground Fence system receiver collar.

How to Install the PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence

PetSafe has kept installation simple and quick.

To set up the transmitter, place it flat or hang it on the wall at the area you want to protect, keeping in mind that the signal will be strongest in front of and behind the transmitter and weakest to the sides.

Note that the transmitter will operate best on a non-conductive surface such as wood.

After plugging the transmitter in and switching it on, you can set the range by turning the range adjustment dial.

Set up of the receiver collar is equally easy. After measuring and cutting the collar to fit your pet’s neck, install a six volt battery to power the collar.

Put the collar on your pet, making sure that the probes are in contact with his skin. The PetSafe system is now ready to use.

Pros of the PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence

Most users report being very happy with the system, noting that it is fast and easy to set up and calibrate; one pet owner noted that installation was so easy, her 10-year-old was able to complete it without guidance.

For many pet owners, the fact that the indoor fence system works with their existing In-Ground Fence collars is a huge benefit, and the ability to complete replace physical pet gates makes preventing pets from entering unwanted areas less obstructive to a home’s human occupants.

Pet owners with larger dogs appreciate that PetSafe’s system is stronger than battery powered alternatives, which also permits the transmitter’s signal to conveniently pass through floors and walls for additional coverage.

Cons of the PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence

While most users have a positive assessment of PetSafe’s system, some pet owners have reported downsides with the transmitter or collars.

Some users assert that the range of the transmitter is difficult to set with precision, the adjustment wheel is too sensitive and allows children or other pets to interfere, and the effective range sometimes suddenly changes without the transmitter being touched.

Other pet owners complain that the transmitter’s need to be near a power outlet is inconvenient as compared to a battery-operated system or that the system’s cost is too great when compared with comparable systems.

Large dog owners sometimes note that the shock isn’t strong enough to consistently deter their pet, while other users have noted that some metal objects such as water heaters can interfere with the transmitter, causing a pet to get shocked outside of the off-limits area.

Here is a video I found on Youtube that shows the product in action.


Other Uses of the PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence

Aside from protecting off-limits rooms in your home, the PetSafe system has a number of helpful functions for pet owners.

Those with curious indoor cats will be able to prevent their felines from escaping out of a dog door or leaping up on counters.

Holiday decorations such as Christmas trees can finally be protected!

And because the PetSafe system is small and easy to install, it makes a great option for owners traveling with their pets.