As much as you might love your cat you have to admit there is one thing that is less than ideal about being a cat owner… the litter box! Dirty, smelly and less than pleasant to look at. And if you live in an apartment or small house this problem is only compounded. Fortunately because of some crafty people and companies we can now buy litter box furniture, so we no longer have to grow accustomed to leaving this mess in the open. If you have never seen one of these hidden catboxes in person you are in for a wonderful surprise. As the name suggests they are made to look like everyday furniture. Things like end tables, night stands and even bathroom cabinets all looking elegant while hiding the nasty mess inside.

These boxes also have other benefits. For example those that have both dogs and cats know that dogs sometimes like to play in the catbox but with these enclosures this is no longer possible. The same situation if you have young children, no more worrying if Jr. is playing sandbox in the dirty cat mess. So if this sounds like an item you would be interested in we have listed three examples below that are inexpensive yet attractive. Hope you found this information helpful!

Attractive Litter Box Furniture Examples

Designer Enclosure in White

Litter Box FurnitureFits a Standard Large Size Pan

Interior Panel Keeps Cat Contents Inside

Hydralic Safety Hinge

Non Toxic Lead Free Paint


Designer Enclosure in Espresso

Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure in EspressoStaggered Maze Style Entrance

Outer Hole Can Be Moved To The Right Or Left

Solid Wood Veneer

(Big) Dog Proof and Toddler Proof

Hydraulic Lid



Pet Studio MDF Cat Cabinet, Mahogany

Pet Studio MDF Litter Box Cat Cabinet, MahoganyFits Standard-Size Tray

Inside Drawer For Extra Storage

Keeps Dogs Out



Merry Pet Products-Cat Washroom And Night Stand

Merry Pet Products-Cat Washroom And Night StandEasy to Assemble

Fits Standard Size Tray

Keeps Big Dogs Out


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