Pink Waterproof Dog JacketsWho else has been outside in the rain under a big umbrella trying to cover yourself and your dog who is try it’s best to do it’s “business” while pretending it’s not standing right next to you? Admit it you have and it’s a funny scene from just about everyone’s view. Plus you get that what are you looking at look from your dog. If you don’t already know there is a cure for this problem…waterproof dog jackets!Using waterproof dog jackets may seem silly to some but if you really think about it there are many nice benefits to using one, least of which is maybe your dog will go to the potty a little easier next time it’s raining. And you won’t have to get that look.

For a long time we used to keep a big towel next to the door to dry our dogs off every time they came in. It wasn’t that big of a deal as we were already wiping their feet but you never can quite get them all the way dry and they end up smelling like a big stinky dog. We also had one dog that just refused to go out when it was raining and would end up peeing on the floor. Once we bought our first waterproof dog jackets though these problems went away.

If you have never used waterproof dog jackets you owe it to yourself to try at least once. They are very inexpensive for the troubles they save. Below are some examples of two different types that dog jackets. The first are insulated for  fall and winter, the second are just waterproof for spring and summer.

Insulated Waterproof Dog Jackets


Hurtta Pet Collection Water Proof Fleece Jacket

Hurtta Pet Collection Water Proof Fleece JacketWater and Wind Proof



Hurtta Pet Collection Winter Jacket

Hurtta Pet Collection Winter JacketWind and Waterproof



Vinyl Rain Coats for Dogs


Guardian Gear Pet Rain Pet Jacket

Guardian Gear Pet Rain Pet Jacket100% Vinyl


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